The Fleedami 3: Live! Adventure Music


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The first live FLEEDAMi release!

Jeremy Ciampa- Guitar
Will Kuepper- Bass
Zack Ritchie- Drums
Nick Carter- Recording Engineer
Kip Kuepper- Mixing and Mastering

Thank you to Cellar West for having us. Thanks to Nick Carter and Brian Carl Swenson for documenting the evening. Thanks to Kip Kuepper for mixing/mastering/making us sound good. Thanks to all the wonderful people who came and listened. Thanks to Greg Ingalls for his beautiful artwork.

Gratitude from Jeremy: This is the first recording of my band, and it's high time I thank everyone who helped me: Thanks to my dad, Don Ciampa, who introduced me to the guitar, and improvised music, who taught me my first chords when I was 11, and in the midst on my rebel youth angst, gave me a guitar for high school graduation. You taught me how to work hard. There's no way I'd play guitar if it wasn't for you. Thanks to my mom, Deb Ciampa, for being undoubtedly my biggest supporter, and for teaching me how to dance. Thanks to my brother and best friend Joshua for teaching me how to be cool, and for forgiving me when I'm not. Thanks to my wife Kate Hession for being the love of my life, and my partner in every single way. Thanks to the master: Dale Bruning for showing me the path, and teaching me to enjoy the process. Thanks to Joe Moore for showing me how cool the guitar can be, and for telling me to practice every day. Pain don't hurt. Thanks to Jay "Diz" Dizacomo for inspiring me to make music my life. Thanks to Dan and Mike and Jerry O'Connor and Joel Rosen for encouraging me to "go for it!" around the campfire when I didn't know what I was doing. Thanks to Joe LeBeouf for saying "Fleedami! or Freedami!" or whatever it is he always said before Grateful Dead shows. Thanks to Bob LeBeouf for literally everything including but not limited to: Kerouac-Lennon-Garcia knowledge, help with the studio when I couldn't afford it, and deep belief in my guitar playing. Thanks to Diane LeBeouf for singing Bobby McGee. Thanks to the S.W.E.A.T. Androscoggin kids- Joseph, Kathryn, Brian, Danny, Nicole, Amie, Jacqui, Katie, Justin, Brenna, Nicole, Sherry for all the hiking, and paddling, and campfire music, and laughing, and the best memories of summer. Thanks to William Brown for being my friend, and showing me Trane and Miles, and improvising with me when he could have been studying astrophysics. Thanks to Alexander Gordon for so many miles walked together and so many hours talking about ideas and the world. Thanks to Drummer Dan for running off cliffs with me. Thanks to Dave Openshaw who was the first person who told me I could be a good jazz musician (we'll see). Thanks to Al Florez for over a thousand of hours of deeply personal improvisation, and letting me use his telecaster for way too long. Thanks to Al's mom, Sweet Caroline, who let us make weird art any time we wanted, and believed in us. Thanks to Ryan O'Malley for walking this path for so very long with me, and for setting an example about discipline, and how serious effort can be seriously fun. Thanks to Ryan's parents for letting us get loud in the basement. Thanks to Jesse Zompa, Sam Shoreman, Nate Owens, and Ryan Sparks for improvising on the highest levels, with and without instruments. Thanks to Dylan Cox and Pippa Dorfman who were the first people I ever Fleedami'ed with on my own, for jumping off bridges with me, and hitchhiking, and helping to write the earliest chapters of who I wanted to be. Thanks to Ryan Tipton for being a partner in music and composition, telling me to stay put, find a teacher, and get to work. Thanks to Jeremy Mohney for teaching me to swing, and letting me mess up on the band stand so many times. Thanks to Greg Corcione for instant-zen-satori-fleedami-brilliance and being a partner in music. Thanks to Matty Schelling at the No Name Bar for giving this band a place to grow. Thanks to Zach Dahmen for steadfast and patient listenership, drags off of cigarettes, and understanding the vision. Thanks to Will Kuepper and Zack Ritchie who play the hell out of their instruments, and honor me by making art with me.

Jim Hall said, "Music is its own reward."

I'm so very grateful to get to make music.

More to come, hopefully.


released October 15, 2019

Jeremy Ciampa- Guitar
Will Kuepper- Bass
Zack Ritchie- Drums
Nick Carter- Recording Engineer
Kip Kuepper- Mixing and Mastering


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FLEEDAMI Boulder, Colorado

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